The Hoppy Traders

What is the one thing most craft breweries struggle with more than anything? Distribution. These craft beer artisans spend an incredible amount of time, money, and energy poured into their unique flavors and textures and they do it predominantly for their love of beer. Many of them would enjoy a more robust and responsive market, but the majority end up limited to their local retailers simply because of the cost of transportation or distribution.


The Growing Market

During the past 20 years, the craft beer market has been enjoying a bona fide resurgence. While the overall beer industry has actually shrunk by 2.0% during these past 2 decades, the craft beer market has increased by 16.4%. The total dollar figures for the entire industry increase by fractions of a percentage while the craft beer market takes a larger and larger share. Yet throughout Europe and other parts of the world, it remains challenging for many of the smaller microbreweries to reach a larger, expanded market. This is where The Hoppy Traders make all the difference in the world.


Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution

A small business generally focuses on its narrow region, whether it’s a small part of a large city or a rural community. They have only a limited number of potential consumers. For the vast majority of these small businesses, that’s more than enough. However, when someone is creating art in the form of craft beer, they would love the opportunity to share their unique creations with the rest of the world. That has, for a long time, remained an elusive dream for the majority of small breweries around the world.


The Hoppy Trader provides logistic, transportation, and distribution solutions to these varied craft breweries around the world. Reaching and having access to a target market can be, in many cases, one of the greatest hurdles for small businesses to overcome.

The Hoppy Trader breaks down the barriers that keep craft beer consumers from having access to flavors they may not have otherwise known existed.


What We Offer

The Hoppy Trader offers small breweries a wide range of services for brewers in the United States and Asia-Pacific markets to reach consumers in Europe that include:

  • Air Freight Worldwide
  • Ocean Freight Worldwide (FCL & LTL)
  • Intermodal Services
  • Project Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Product Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Customs Clearance
  • Import/Export Compliance
  • Cargo Insurance

When these terms seem like a foreign language, when just looking at them can cause the small brewery owner to sigh in resignation, The Hoppy Trader steps up to take the burden of these problems away.

  • Gain access to a broader audience for your craft beers.
  • Increase prospective consumers.
  • Expand your target market beyond your local borders.
  • Realize there are millions of potential consumers waiting patiently for your unique flavored beers.
  • Grow your company each and every month.
  • Be inspired to create more incredible craft beers.

Sometimes artists need help to bring their creations to a wider audience and The Hoppy Traders is the perfect solution for any small brewery and craft beer artisan who is seeking to increase sales, broaden their horizons and market, and share their passion for quality craft beer with the rest of the world.