Our vision is individuality. Individuality is what makes us who we are and what sets us apart from commercial beer companies.

Grow as a professional and beer lover

This is more than just a career opportunity; it’s also a chance for you to develop your talent and refine your skills. As you work with us, we will teach and grow you to a higher level of beer knowledge.

Are you a good fit for our team?

Do you share our vision? The kind of people we’re looking for are passionate about building up the craft beer industry.
  • Are you a hard worker?
  • Does your passion for beer making fuel your work ethic?
  • Do you see craft beer as a refined art?
  • Are you constantly looking to improve your skills as a brewer?
  • Do you embrace challenges and use them to grow yourself?
If yes, then we want you on our team. Take a look at our career openings and apply for positions you feel would help contribute to our vision.

The Hoppy Brothers have long recognized the vast potential of micro brewers across the world. We’re always looking for more talented individuals to join our team and elevate our level of craft beer offering. We also recognize that there’s a huge future in this industry and we want you to help us take it as far as it can go.


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