Craft beer: Why all the fuss?

Good question.

And there is a good answer. Craft beer is made in small batches by artisans who are passionate about their creations – and the flavor and freshness of craft beer is vastly superior to the bland offerings of most major producers. Craft brewers respect the culture of beer, and they strive to create exceptional brews that are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before (in a good way).

In short, once you’ve had the chance to sample craft beer, you will never go back to drinking mainstream commercial brands.

Unfortunately, especially in Europe, it can be hard to get your hands on these extraordinary beers. But that’s about to change. Now there’s a place you can go to sample a wide range of craft beers and discover your favorites. A place where you can begin to explore this incredibly flavourful world and see what all the fuss is about.

Introducing the Hoppy Brothers

At the Hoppy Brothers, our sole mission is to bring together beer lovers like you with the world’s best craft beers.

Our conveniently located shops and online store feature an outstanding selection of local and imported brands for every taste and sensibility. And our dedicated staff is continually scouring the globe to find the most interesting new artisanal beers to share with our customers.

Whether you’re into the communal experience of shopping with other beer lovers in our stores, or you prefer the ultimate convenience of ordering online and having your beer delivered right to your home, we can make it happen. Either way, we’re confident that once you and our beers find each other, it will be beautiful.

Don’t forget the growlers!

Yes, you heard right, even if you may not understand what you heard. At the center of our shops are our incredible growler stations. These are not as threatening as they sound.

Growlers are reusable glass jugs that, like craft beer itself, are growing increasingly popular. On their own, they’re not much. But when we fill them with one of our special brews direct from the keg, they become something special – specifically a way for you to enjoy fresh beer at home whenever the spirit moves you. We constantly rotate the beers we have on tap so that you can discover a wide range of styles, fresh from the brewer, at a great price.

And the environment will thank you.

Drink and learn

While drinking it is the best thing you can do with craft beer, learning about it can be enjoyable too.

The Hoppy Brothers and Sisters who staff our stores are all deeply passionate and knowledgeable about craft beer, and they love to share their expertise. Let them guide you through the remarkable variety of styles and producers, and help you discover the beers that will rock your world. We can also tell you about pairing beer with food, which glass to use for which beer, and the many ways in which beer makes the world a better place.

Part of the local community

The Hoppy Brothers bring you beer from all over the world, but our shops are firmly entrenched in their communities. In addition to holding many special events, including our awesome beer-tasting workshops, we make it a point to support and promote our local craft breweries and to do our part in the larger community.

Drink globally, act locally, and celebrate the pleasures of great-tasting beers!